My Take on PyData Seattle 2017

PyData Seattle 2017 kicked off on the 7th of July in Microsoft Redmond.

Highlights of the Conference

The most retweetted tweet of this conference is by far the keynote by Jake VanderPlas: “PyData 101”. He gave a smooth introduction about the origin of PyData and the many packages for data science that are available out there. Python was born as scripting language and now it is also a more than valid alternative to R.

Data Science

All keynotes where really good. Being the biggest sponsor, one of the keynote was about data science and AI at Microsoft. I really praise Microsoft for pushing AI into their stacks. Moreover, I like how Microsoft cognitive services are becoming a really powerful tool.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

I am discussing here few applications related to text analysis. I learnt a new way of visualising words that discriminate between two categories. ScatterText presented by Jason Kessler helps identifying the words that are specific to a particular category and discriminating them to the words the are just frequent overall.


Other talks focused on more engineering related data science issues. For example, the Katrina Rieh presented the engineering challenges to get data science going at




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